Hi, I am Kaylan Dawn Baker.

I am a small town photographer from Sharon, South Carolina. I Live in York and was born in Charlotte, 29 years old. I studied at Art Institute Pittsburg Online Division for almost two years after graduating Lancaster High School in 2013. Natural Lighting is my favorite lighting to take my pictures in but keep a lighting kit around just incase your wanting indoor pictures. I love all photoshoot ideas and make the best of any theme or type of session. I have two boys ages 6 & 3, two dogs Bentley & Paysleigh, and two Bearded Dragons King & Rango. A partner that supports and puts up with all my crazy ideas! My Family supports my dreams and my mother is my biggest supporter. I am an outgoing positive person that falls in love more with my career and passion each time I take another photo! I enjoy the happiness and beauty I bring to peoples lives when they get their digital gallery and get to keep these memories forever passed down to keep the love, and memories bright and full! I hope to hear from you soon!





“Kaylan has been a pleasure to work with and helped me get comfortable in front of a camera again. Since booking with Southern Bell Photography I've managed to get more auditions and roles with the headshots provided.”